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invisible forces...

2010-06-05 22:48:44 by skooter612

have you ever wondered if there was ever a world in between heaven and this world or hell and this world? have you ever wondered if we werent the only ones in the universe?
and think about it, after you wonder about these things strange things follow right behind the thought. good example: you wonder "are ghosts real?" and after that you start heading up to your room, and you get in the middle of the stairs when you feel a hit in the back of your knee and then your leg gives out and then the next thing you know you start falling down the stairs and when your on the floor wondering "what the hell was that?" you then hear faint laughter and you wonder "what the hell?" well dont worry that was just a ghost having fun and then laughing in your face to the fact that he or she just caused you to fall down a fleet of stairs, you possibly have a broken leg, and he or shes laughing at you in your face cause you both know you (the victim) cant do S#!^ about it. so start wondering and be carful on stairs.